When many in the west think of the Qur’an they think of terrorists, and extremists. They think of Bin Laden or the president of Iran. But the Qur’an is much more than the holy book of Muslim extremists. It has inspired some of mankind’s greatest accomplishments.

It all began in the Arabian desert. A poor orphan boy grew to be one of the great religious leaders in human history. A tale of a nobody that though the grace of God became one of histories most important figures.

In the year 610 AD Mohammad received his first revelation. In a cave outside the city of Mecca it is said that the angel Gabriell spoke to him. He was called to be a prophet soon after he began preaching and had a small group of followers. But the ruling tribe of Mecca did not like his message of one true God. They were making a lot of money from the Idol worship in the city. As a result his followers were driven from the city to what would become Medina the 2nd Islamic holy city. He He continued receiving revelation there. Then Mohammad and his followers raised an army and took the city of Mecca. They spared the lives of the Innocent and those they captured.

The Qur’an however is not a story nor is it in chronological order. Rather it is instruction from God for mankind as reviled by Muhammad. The book was not written by Muhammad. Why? He was illiterate so his followers wrote down his revelations from their memories. As a result many have criticized the book as altered or incomplete. But even if it is altered it language is beautiful and poetic. one of the greatest literary accomplishments in any age. It tells many of the same stories as the Christian and Jewish scriptures. Mohammad said it was a continuation of Gods previous messages. It was compiled years after the death of Mohammad and soon spread.

The Islamic conquest brought the Qur’an to Africa Persia, and India. It the Mongol invasion helped it spread east to china. Arab traders brought it to Indonesia and Malaysia. In modern times it Muslim immigrants have brought it with them to Europe America and Australia.

In the twentieth century the followers of the Qur’an have faced a crises. Mainly cruel dictators and fanatics have sought to twist the Qur’an to fit their political goals. Many are offended by what they see as the west imposing corrupt values though the media. As a result many have turned to the Qur’an for answers some have found peace and harmony. Others have found anger and hate. Like the Bible the Qur’an is often seen though the eyes of those who read it. But one thing is for sure its impact on history has like a ripple in a pond will grown and expanded outward.


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  1. Interesting!. I know that Islam is a universal religion without distinction of race and colour. The position of the mother is very much exalted in Islam. Muhammad, the prophet, said,”Paradise lies underneeth the feet of your mothers.”

    It inspires me to write about Islam later on.

    Nia Imaniah,

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