Home Town
Monroe Utah Population 1,850. Located in south centeral Utah in Sevier County. Monroe is a small farming town and was an old Mormon settlement one of the first in in the area. It is known for its Amazing mountains and fish lake national forest. It is also known for South Sevier High School. I love this place.

Parnell is a little fish in a big pond. AKA a U.S. Navy Sailor. His rate FC (Fantastic and Cool) his rank depends on if he stays out of trouble or not. Never one to rest Parnell has mastered the art of sleep marching and toilet scrubbing.



  1. hi i want to be your friend if its ok w/u.

  2. hi im so impressed in u’r place it’s so very attractive i like it.

  3. hi,
    good job… nice art… a military man who haas time making that art… hope to hear from you..

  4. uhm’what can i say..
    ur good..
    keep up the good work!
    now i understand why you made this
    just like you..
    he’s also a US Navy,isnt he?

  5. you almost got me..
    so it was you..
    i thought parnell is someone from the past
    say, a US Navy sailor
    who joined the world war II
    (coz there’s a pearl harbor video in your homepage)
    hahaha…nice one!

  6. hiyee! its nice to be back here..
    i see the slide..its cute..
    i disagree that history is a bore..
    actually,history is one of my favorite subjects in school..
    and i like making history as
    uhm’so,just keep up the good work..
    hope to hear from you..

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