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The TV show M*A*S*H was huge success. It told the story of a U.S. Mobil Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. It made audience around the country laugh and cry for over a decade.

How much was it like the real Korean War? I am a member of the military and can say that a lot of what is in the show in bull. But a lot of the way that the characters interacted with each other is a lot like military life. The closeness you feel for those around you is amazing.

The Korean War was the first major conflict of the Cold War. It lasted almost 3 years. Many good men and women died in that war. It was also the first major U.N. operation. It became known as America’s forgotten war. In between WWII and Vietnam it gets overlooked at times. But it’s lasting impact is still felt today. After the war Korea remained two nations North and South. In the democratic south industry and education make it one of the leading nations. The North under years of communism does not even have energy to light many it’s cities at night. The average north Korean child is much smaller than a south Korean child due to malnutrition. Many have said that it accomplished nothing. but to millions of south Koreans it meant being free of communism.

The show makes me laugh but it also reminds me of the great sacrifice made for us there. The show may not be the most accurate portrayal of the Korean War but it does make you think.


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