For years the prevailing notion has been that Columbus discovered America. This notion has in recent years been proven to be false. It seems strange that it ever existed, people lived here before Columbus. The Native Americans did not wait for him!

Viking settlements and artifacts have been found in parts of Canada and New England. Also Chinese ship wrecks and artifacts have been found in north and south America. In fact artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Phoenicia, Rome, and Palestine have been found in America. We have found Cocaine in Egyptian mummies. Cocaine is native to the Americas. Also many other plants and animals have been found where they should not be. Many however in academia have ignored this evidence. There are two main reasons for this:
1. Many supposed discoveries have been Hoaxes
2. A prevailing notion that Columbus was the first. Anything else would be at odds with their concept of history. AKA change is bad.

Lets think about it. Was there any great changes from the ancient times to the day of Columbus? No not really. In fact many have crossed the ocean in modern times using ancient sailing boats and ancient technology. I think we often view ancient people as stupid. The truth is many ancient civilizations had a higher level of technology than Columbus. In fact maps with the America’s that appear to be made prior to Columbus have been found.

How does it change our lives? It gives us a greater appreciation for Ancient peoples. Americans are from all over. We have ancestors from every part of the globe. It seem more fitting. But The Europeans were the first people(except for the native Americans) to make lasting settlements. I am sure as time goes on we will see even more evidence of ancient voyages to the America’s.


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Gunner Tompson